The Afghanistan story that The Blob doesn’t want you to hear

Where the F' did my taxes go?

It started under the Reagan administration, when the CIA decided to arm religious extremists in Northern Afghanistan, who were also unhappy that communists had taken over Afghanistan in 1978. Then the Russians intervened against the religious extremists, much to the delight of The Blob, and the US then poured more money and arms into the conflict. The US was supporting the Mujaheddin to help them harass and finally drive the Russian army out of Afghanistan. This proxy war built up the strength and armaments for the Mujaheddin, who then proceeded to take over Afghanistan. This was the birth of the Taliban, and The Blob was pleased… temporarily.

The first thing everyone needs to agree on is that the “problem” in Afghanistan (which The Blob decided was the excessive power of the Taliban religious extremists) was almost entirely an American creation. The Mujaheddin/Taliban would not have had sufficient weaponry, information, supplies or money to carry out a successful proxy war against Russia without tons and tons of US help (literally). So here we have another perfect example of the US creating far more problems than it solves while misusing boatloads of taxpayer’s money. In fact, US intervention virtually never fixes any actual problems in other countries, it just creates them. After so many blatant examples just during my lifetime, which includes the Vietnam War, it might be time to start assuming that creating chaos and disorder is one of the “missions” that The Blob wants accomplished. If you can’t beat a country that is not aligned with you, just make sure they are in shambles. Much US foreign policy can be seen in this light.

If there is one other thing that is critical for everyone to agree on, it is that the US is never interested in the civil rights of people in places like Afghanistan. The US can barely tolerate civil rights right here it the good ‘ol US of A. You don’t respect the rights of people in Afghanistan by invading their country with your military and then proceeding to occupy, bomb, shoot and terrorize them for two decades. That is the exact opposite of respecting their rights and freedoms.

Speaking of tons and tons of stuff going to people you claim are extremists, the Taliban now has tens of billions of dollars’ worth of US military equipment and ammunition. They have a very well-equipped Army, indeed. Also, many of the regional “warlords” as The Blob likes to label them, have been given millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to keep them onboard with the US agenda over the last two decades. They still have all that money. Doesn’t that make you feel great about your tax bills?

You all paid for that stuff and you might want to consider contacting your representatives about how you would have greatly preferred that money having been spent here, rather than being in the hands of Afghan “warlords”.

Face it folks, we have all been scammed into not complaining about this kind of crap. If everyone spent 5 minutes right now writing their representatives and everyone said the same thing: “no more fucking regime-change wars on my dime!” then things would change quickly. The Blob knows that they rarely get a stable proxy government in other countries. “The Shah” of Iran was one of the longer lasting regime change attempts, and look how that turned out. What The Blob is doing mostly is an expensive and heartless game of destabilization, where human lives are meaningless. So the next time you hear some representative of The Blob claim that some government or group in another country is violating human rights, just assume they have another goal in mind, rather than protecting human rights. If The Blob gave a damn about human rights, even right here in the US, then Julian Assange would be a free, revered public figure, not a perpetual detainee with no rights whatsoever.