The Blob protects its own

Play nice with The Blob, and it will play nice with you

If you do The Blob’s bidding, you can’t be prosecuted for the crimes you commit while an agent of The Blob. It would make it impossible for The Blob to order its operatives to commit crimes in the future. If a crime boss did not protect his crime family members from retribution, then no one would do his bidding.

Isn’t it odd that you heard so much over the last couple of years about Trump getting indicted as soon as he left office? I mean potential prosecutors had plenty of time while he was president to draw up the case and have it ready as soon as Trump was out. But that didn’t happen. In fact, if you think about it, Trump did The Blob’s bidding for 4 years, and didn’t spill any beans, at least not any serious beans. He gave The Blob no reason to punish him while in or out of office. When The Blob said, “bomb Syria”, he obliged, when it said “shamelessly slash taxes for the wealthy”… bingo! When The Blob told Trump to cut regulations, that’s exactly what happened.

Admittedly, certain factions within The Blob hated Trump, but they were mostly partisan players entwined in The Blob’s constant internecine struggle over internal power structures. For the most part, many key parts of The Blob, including heavy capital, were fully behind the MAGA man. So he got a get-out-of-jail-free card, like all major players on The Blob’s team.

Getting back to Trump not spilling any big league beans, I recall him talking about releasing various state secrets at different times, but nothing ever came of it. Trump had access to plenty of embarrassing information that The Blob wanted to stay under the rug, and at no point did Trump ever lift up the rug, point and say, “You know who swept that under here? I do!” Criminal organizations work this way. Everyone in the organization has secrets, and no one wants to start a food fight with secrets flying all over the place like cafeteria mac and cheese.

The Blob often tasks officials, including the President, with very unsavory jobs that violate international law, so if high level officials started going to jail for these crimes, it would become impossible to recruit new criminals to the organization.

There are rare exceptions, for example, Jeffrey Epstein. Mr. Epstein was apparently working on behalf of The Blob for some time, and back when he first got caught for involvement in child sex trafficking, he got off pretty much without punishment, which is the typical situation when operatives of The Blob get caught red handed. But as time went on, The Blob’s protection began to wear thin, and Epstein became a serious liability. If you ever hook up with The Blob, make sure not to find yourself in that situation. We all know how Mr. Epstein’s story ended.

I should note that The Blob is especially nasty to people who do spill the big beans, as well as those who the spill the smaller variety. Take for example Chelsea Manning, Daniel Hale, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as some of the perfect examples. They had the full wrath of The Blob come down on them, and The Blob’s minions in the Corporate Owned News cheered it on the whole way. If there is one thing the Corporate Owned News hates, it’s a whistleblower that screws up their narrative management.

Conclusion? The Blob is never going to go after Trump in any serious way. I predict that Trump, if anything, will only face tax evasion charges, and will get a relatively modest fine. He will then do a Go-Fund-Me and the MAGA crowd will send him 5 to 10 times more money than he needs to pay the fine. Crowd-funded capitalist malfeasance at its best.

The Blob protects its own.