The Blob wants you to wish we were bombing Afghanistan more

It's a hard sell, but they are used to that

Every corporate media outlet is wringing its hands over US troops pulling out of Afghanistan after 20 years of fruitless war. I should note that defense and war contractors would hardily disagree with my assessment that the 20 years of fruitless war was fruitless. I can see their point, but that just makes the whole affair even more depressing - a 20 year war that only made US merchants of death happy.

The corporate owned news (CON) is very disturbed at the prospect of the Afghans taking their country back from the US proxy government and the overpaid, under-achieving US-trained “Afghan army”. The CON wants you to be just as concerned about troop withdrawals as they are. Clearly, there is something very wrong with the idea of Afghans running their own country, at least as far as The Blob is concerned, and The CON really want to get this point across to you.

Every account I have heard from The CON (including so-called National Public Radio) is about how disturbing it is that the Taliban is taking back control of their own country because US troops are leaving. Can you imagine, the US won’t be totally occupying and controlling a country on the other side of the world?

A major complaint emanating from The CON is that human rights will now be violated by the Taliban. Of course, the same is never said about the people killed by US aggression in Afghanistan, because apparently that doesn’t rate among The CON’s selective human rights concerns. And you don’t hear complaints from the same people about the rights of people living in Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Palestinians living under an apartheid regime. The Blob is very selective about who is a victim, and who is a perpetrator, which is why you will hear a lot about how defenseless Palestinians are aggressors, and the heavily armed Israelis are the victims. If The Blob really cared about human rights, it would be a lot more consistent with its “concerns”.

There is only one thing you need to know about why The CON (who are wholly owned subsidiaries of The Blob) would fret so much about troops leaving Afghanistan after 20 years; it reduces military pressure on Iran, Russia and China. The Blob is very interested in controlling affairs in this part of the world, by any means necessary. This is just one more blow to their plans to prevent independent control over this area of the world. The war profiteering was always just a bonus - a really sweet twofer.

One thing you will never hear a discussion about in The CON is how a US instigated war on the other side of the globe makes Americans safer. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever heard anything substantive from The CON on this topic over the last two decades. What is the average US worker getting out of war in Afghanistan? Maybe higher taxes? Maybe geopolitical instability in the Middle East? Maybe a government obsessed with anything but the welfare of the American people? How about crumbling infrastructure here at home? Or no universal health coverage? Yeah, that sounds about right.

You will also never hear anything from The CON about how the US is the only country on earth that regularly invades and bombs countries that did not attack us. It would be a fascinating conversation if The CON ever decided to have it. But I have a strong feeling it is not something that is on their to-do list. In fact, I have a strong feeling it is on their don’t-do list. A discussion about why this important topic is on their don’t-do list would be another fascinating conversation that I don’t expect The CON to be having any time soon.

Expect a lot more hand wringing about The Blob “kind of” leaving Afghanistan, but don’t expect them to actually leave. The entire endeavor will be privatized and secreted, and that will satisfy the war profiteers and the control freaks alike. But it is nonetheless a public relations failure for The Blob that was two decades in the making. Hopefully, this is the slow, but inexorable beginning of a trend for the US Empire, where the control freaks and war profiteers don’t always get everything they want. Because, believe me, they don’t want the same things you do.